Romantic Rivercruise for Ruby Wedding Anniversary | River Cruise Tours, First Class Cruises
Talk about last minute panic! My husband's parents were soon to celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary and we still could not decide what to get them. I searched the web for days trying to get inspiration but nothing seemed good enough or appropriate. I wanted to combine something they enjoyed with something romantic, but still nothing came to mind. That was until my Mother-in-Law happened to mention they were going on a cruise the following year and could not wait as they had enjoyed previous cruise ship holidays over the years. I had no idea they had been on cruises in the past, and then it hit me, I kept coming across web sites for river cruises which looked ideal for romance and relaxation, and realized it would be the perfect gift. Viking Pride - perfect river cruise ship. Looking through all the options I eventually settled on a perfect river cruise called the Viking Paris & the Heart of Normandy which was to sail on either the Viking Pride or Viking Neptune ships.