Indulge your passions on a Themed River Cruise! | River Cruise Tours, First Class Cruises
Want to enjoy a luxury river cruise and enjoy your passion at the same time? Well, believe it or not, there are river cruises out there that can fulfill your desires from wine tasting holidays to luxury golf cruises ( see my blog: Whatever you desire from special interest cruises, there is sure to be one for you. So enjoy a unique travel opportunity to share your interests and hobbies with like-minded people. Below are a few more themed cruises to wet your appetite: Culinary Theme River Cruises Expand your culinary appreciation skills on a Culinary Theme River Cruises, where acknowledged chefs and food critics give advice on finding the best ingredients, dishes and accompaniments from the regions you cruise through, then taste samples on board to test your new-found knowledge. You will be dazzled as an expert chef on board prepares regional specialties, offering up plenty of preparation guidance and