Cruise to Festive Fun! | River Cruise Tours, First Class Cruises
Goodness, it's that time of year coming up again! Can Christmas really be upon us so soon? Do you join the crowds of bustling shoppers - or do you do something different? There's no more evocative way to experience the festive season than by a cruise that takes you to the heart of Europe's Christmastime markets. A river cruise is a great way to experience and enjoy the wonderful European festivities over the Christmas and new year period. Their amazing Christmas markets are something to behold! Delight in the amazing sights and sounds of Christmas past, wander around the beautiful Christmas stalls and soak up the traditional festive atmosphere. Savour the delicious Christmas treats, behold the beautiful decorations and wonder in the magical twinkling lights on a crisp winter's day! A river cruise can take you to all these delights and allow you to observe the local traditions and customs typical of places like Germany, Austria and Alsace.