Continental Christmas Cruises! | River Cruise Tours, First Class Cruises
Oh, to dream of a continental Christmas! Surely there can be no better way to spend your time during the Christmas period than soaking up the amazing atmosphere on a continental Christmas market. What could be even better is to experience all theses wonderful places while sailing from port to port on a festive river cruise ship! Winter is a wonderful and magical time of year in Europe, with fairytale, snow-topped castles and mountains, and a wonderful festive spirit everywhere. Their Christmas markets are filled with the scents of gingerbread and warm spicy gluwein, their stalls and shops are aplenty with gifts and traditional Christmas ware, and the tunes of traditional carols can be heard from afar. So enjoy a relaxing festive season with no rush, no stress, just the anticipation of Europe's most enchanting destinations on a river cruise!