SEASON'S GREETINGS 2017 - The David Oluwale Memorial Association
One of the highlights of the Remember Oluwale charity’s work this year was our contribution to the Leeds West Indian Carnival’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Here is the photo we used in our 2017 Season’s Greetings card: “All Ah We Are Migrants”: King David Oluwale and his Harrison Bundey Mama Dread Migrant Masqueraders at the 50th anniversary celebration of Leeds West Indian Carnival, 28th August 2017. The sculpture of David Oluwale’s head was made by Alan Pergusey and painted by Jane Storr. Photo L-R: Meli, Finan (carrying David O), Jane Storr and AgnesRichards. The hibiscus flower costumes were designed by Agnes Richards and made by members of the troupe. Meli and Finan are members of Leeds DynaMix. Facebook #Mama Dread #Leeds DynaMix #RememberOluwale Sold in aid of the David Oluwale Memorial Association Photo: Max Farrar We wish you and the world the very best for 2018 Related posts: Creative Costume Making (1) Creative Costume Making (3): Making King David’s Head February 2017 events Remembering Darcus Howe: The Mangrove Nine film (28th June 2017)