Tuesday Task It | Rambling Reviews
Task it Tuesday How have you been? How's YOUR to do list? My current to-do list: get caught up reading Work on netgalley books work on older ARCs received work on amazon freebies write up a couple more task it tuesday/sunday posts/weekly link up posts- also added to my planner (this has been helping) continue editing the next challenge post, adding links as needed, and start writing up the next month's challenge post Get caught up on reviewing books: several book tour books, the first Xanth book, Nil that I finished last month & still haven't reviewed, the last one or two Harry Potter books that I finished this week... Get caught up on netgalley books & submitting feedback Create a graphic for my monthly movie post; I haven't watched any movies lately so try to watch a movie & update post work on a monthly planner related post Update books on goodreads- this is back on my list because I'm so behind in updating what I'm actually reading, what I've finished reading, and I