Texas Wagon's West #5 book review | Rambling Reviews
Another reread for me. As I continue to reread this series, more and more I get frustrated with how badly written most of the characters are. Each character only seems to be one thing - either smart, or brave, or heroic (for the men) and the women are all either vain, stupid, or immature (notice a trend here?). In each book in the series, all the military men are perfect, with one token bad guy who always seems to be a spy, and almost always ends up painfully dying in the latter part of the book. And usually the "worst" woman ends up redeeming herself and gets married at the end - with marriage of course being the "only" endgame a woman would ever want. Arrrg. I know the books were written a lifetime ago, in a different age, and that the authors are writing about a whole other world, but as a modern woman, it frustrates me to know end that the women in these books are written so flat, so unflatteringly, etc. The lead woman, Cathy Blake, the general's wife, is repeatedly shown to be