MOVIES! | Rambling Reviews
So, I'm a movie addict. We don't go to the theater all that often, but we often watch movies from Netflix, Hulu, or mostly from our local library! We have a very excellent inter-library loan system, and I get an email every week from wowbrary and any new books or movies that come in that look interesting, I just put on hold. It sometimes mean I may have a stack of 15 books/DVDs/CDs to get through, but oh what a problem to have! :) One of my 2015 New Year's Resolutions - and the only one I stuck with - was to faithfully record what movies I'd watched, with a goal of watching 5 movies a month. I know I forgot writing down a few (especially when I was watching movies sick in bed, I always thought I'd remember & I never did). My only "rules" were I had to watch the entire movie for it to count - I couldn't be listening to it while in the kitchen doing dishes, or fall asleep to it, or be talking on the phone while listening to it as background noise (I did count knitting through