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So this post is going to be filled with randomness. First of all, I signed up for the #24in48 readathon. I've signed up before, and historically this is a readathon I don't do well with. I try to get hubby on board, because if he was reading more that weekend, I would read more that weekend. It never fails, I sign up and then something major crops up that takes up most of my Saturday - and Sunday is already packed full of church, band rehearsals, weekly errands, planning for the upcoming week, etc. It's the day I get stuff done... not a lot of reading time. Recovering from surgery, I discovered new-to-me TV - the Good Place (so awful it's good; affiliate link) and Designated Survivor. We're caught up on the Good Place, and about halfway through Designated Survivor. I also managed to finish the Handmaiden (Hulu), the new season of OitnB (am I the only one that was pretty bored with this season?), and I'm about halfway done with Wentworth's latest season (netflix). We also finished