It Isn’t Cheating if He’s Dead by Julie Frayn • Rabid Reader's Reviews
In It Isn’t Cheating if He’s Dead by Julie Frayn, Jemima Stone’s fiancé Gerald has been missing for four years. She’s been going about her life, feeding the homeless in the park and hoping that one day she’ll see Gerald. Her weekly updates with Detective Finn Wight give her the confidence that someone is looking, and he might be found. Sadly, he is found. Dead in Montreal. Gerald’s mother blames Jem for his mental illness and to some extent, she blames herself for his leaving and feels as though she’s sullying his memory when she and Finn give into their mutual attraction. Can she cleanse her soul by helping a newcomer to the park reunite with his family? He won’t talk to her, but she knows someone is looking for him as she looked for Gerald and she, with Finn’s help, is determined to return him to his loved ones.