West State Billiards provides aid to a Southern California ‘billiard/youth’ program
September 17th, 2017 Riverside, CA - Shooters Pool Hall By: Daniel Busch / POV Pool Media Steve Strange: *protected email* West State Billiards: *protected email* West State Billiards steps up for kids to play pool in school! California's largest retail/wholesale billiard and game-room distributor, West State Billiards in Fullerton, CA took the opportunity this month to donate at least $1,000 worth inventory to a group of children who are actively learning to play pool at a San Diego County middle school program. The program which, was started in October 2016 by Steve Strange; a retired Navy Corpsman and PBIA billiard instructor conducts his 'off hours' billiard program on campus, during lunches and after school and utilizes four pool tables under the roof of one large classroom. … … Continue reading →