New Year's M/M Writer's Buffet: Pack Worthy Broccoli Salad ⋆ Poppy Dennison
When you’re planning a buffet, you have to keep in mind those meat eaters of the bunch, even when you’re in charge of salad. So how do you get your favorite alpha to eat his veggies? Why not put some bacon in it! My favorite recipe for Broccoli Salad has a bowl full of goodness, including bacon and cheddar cheese! Best part is, you can make it in advance. It only gets better the longer the sauce soaks into all those bits of broccoli! Image from: Boy Meets Bowl You can make it even easier by getting one of those little bags of prepared bacon (not the crunchy bacon bits, but the pieces). Gotta be honest though, my crew prefers when I make the bacon myself. Of course they do. Now doesn’t this just look yummy? Give this recipe a try and let me know what your pack thinks! And… Continue reading