Suit Up Sunday: Charlie Harding ⋆ Poppy Dennison
So this Suit Up Sunday post comes with a very special guest. I know, I know, all the handsome suited guys on here are special, but this one….well, you’ll see. 🙂 So just to keep things official-like, here’s the oh-so handsome Charlie Harding in a suit. Isn’t he drool-worthy? *wibble* As Charlie himself told me recently on Twitter, “They don’t call me DADDY for nothing.” Oh Daddy. *ahem* So not only is he really great in a suit, he’s really really great out of one. And look at that ink! He has even more now, but this is a great pic of him so…yeah. Just look. And enjoy. Uh-huh. Where was I? Oh right, why this is a special Suit Up Sunday post. Because I have an absolute favorite picture of Charlie. *grins* I am a lucky, lucky gal. Charlie was kind enough to agree to be on the cover… Continue reading