Suit Up Sunday: Alexander Skarsgard ⋆ Poppy Dennison
So, I have a bit of a weakness. It’s a man in a tux. There’s just something so…*rawr*…about that black and white with the bow tie and yeah…. Then you add Alexander Skarsgard’s sulty stare? Forget about it. I’m done for. I mean really, is he trying to kill me with that come hither look? Cause I tried to climb into the laptop to lick him but…. (You didn’t need to know that, did you?) And as if the man doesn’t do *really* good things to a tuxedo, he looks amazing out of one too! How fair is that? I mean, not that I’m going to complain or anything. Please, take your shirt off. Anytime. No really. And if you want to lounge in bed, I know one you can rest your weary head on any day of the week! Seriously. How does he do that with the look? Oh,… Continue reading