Couch to 5k: Day 1 ⋆ Poppy Dennison
Today I’m starting a really exciting adventure toward good health: the Couch to 5k running program. Since I need a little accountability, I’m telling you all about it! See, this writing gig I’ve got is pretty cool. It’s my dream job! There aren’t many downsides to it, to be honest. I mean, yeah, writer’s block sucks big giant hairy donkey nuts, but it’s really not the end of the world or anything! There is one thing that is a really bad drawback though. I like to think of it as Chair Butt. You know what I mean, I’m sure. It’s what happens when you sit on your rear end all day working and not working out! Poppy and Amy DiMartino-GRL Retreat 2011 For the past year, I’ve been on a quest to take better care of myself. See, back in 2011 I went to the Gay Romance Lit Retreat in… Continue reading