Suit Up Sunday: Chris Hemsworth ⋆ Poppy Dennison
As usual, I’m a wee bit late to the game, but Oh My Thor… Last night, I was plum tuckered from an afternoon in the gardening. I curl up in front of netflix and lo and behold Thor was available for instant view. The movie didn’t rock my world, but Chris Hemsworth? Yowzers. I knew I wanted to see what that man looked like in a suit! And Merry Christmas to me, cause there are A LOT of pictures to chose from of this fine looking fella all dressed up. What is it with those eyes? Is it just me or do you kinda fall into them? There’s also that thing where even when he’s being all serious face, you can see that little smirk hiding in there. Oh the power of the smirk. Gets me every time. And then there’s this. Seriously? The man and his baby daughter? Do… Continue reading