A Garden a Day... ⋆ Poppy Dennison
I’ve been a busy Poppy over the past week. It’s gardening season and the first batch of crops is in. I’ve been shucking corn, snapping green beans, and prepping tomatoes. We can all of it, and it’s been a bountiful season so far! Yesterday’s yield included 19 quarts of tomatoes. We’re going to make salsa and marinara sauce with the next batch! Tomatoes on the vine from Wiki As these things do, the time away let me spend some time pondering my writing. I’m sure there are a million analogies that compare gardening and writing (planting a seed, watching it grow, harvesting…perhaps?) but for me, this week’s epiphany came from what to do with all those darn tomatoes. If you’ve never preserved fresh tomatoes, there’s a whole process involved. First, you wash them then you put the tomatoes in boiling water for a bit. When they’re nice and hot, you… Continue reading