Sports Feast 3D Painting -
The enormous 3D painting of Sports Feast by Qi Xinghua is an amazing piece of work. The artwork is both manipulating and deceiving which will indeed challenge the perception of its spectators. His works are fascinating and impressive which makes me admire his brilliance in creating this large scale 3D painting. About the Sports Feast 3D Painting The Sports Feast 3D Painting is produced by the brilliant artist Qi Xinghua. This 3-dimensional masterpiece looks deceiving. This piece is one of the most attention-grabbing 3D artwork from his collection. The Sports Feast was commissioned for the August 16 September 1st 2012 Shanghai Xuhui District Luo, NIKE Collection. About the Artist Qi Xinghua is China’s first 3D artist to draw the world’s 4th largest “Guinness World Record: Longest 3D Stereoscopic Painting.” He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005 where he became fully engaged in his 3D drawing career. He created the “Guinness World Record’s Largest 3D Painting” measured by the British Guinness headquarters site. He was one of the selected exhibitors in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Thank you Qi Xinghua for allowing us to post and share the Sports Feast 3D Painting. If you wish to see more of his 3D paintings, you can check and visit his website. Related