You're Older but You're not Old
I have this daily gratitude thing on Facebook and as I was completing my January entries tonight 😅, I thought of placing this on my blog instead of as a mere description of a photo. My mom celebrated her 60th birthday this year. We had a series of celebrations and reunions, and one of those was a simple surprise dinner where I had the privilege of sharing a few words to honor her. Sharing with you all some parts of my message. What else can a daughter say to her mom, but thank you, sorry, and I love you? We were recalling how I used to be just quiet and suplada, no word or even a smirk from me until after I gave my life to God and allowed Him to change me. I think because of that my family knows all the more that God is real and nothing is impossible for Him! 😅 So tonight I'm thanking God for giving me to you. Now having a son I realize how God knows the perfect parent-child combination. We're not perfect but you're the perfect mom for me, and I believe I speak for the three of us. I