I Don't Believe in Essential Oils
"Tsss... I don't believe in that." That's what I used to say about essential oils. Then when I tried to learn more about it, I saw its potential for my family's health and wellness, but then I said, "There's so much to learn. I just don't have the time, even to mix my own blends." One day, Pao woke up with dry cough and sore throat. For his sore throat, I gave him one tablespoon of honey. For his dry cough, I rolled on some oil on his chest and neck. When I returned home that afternoon, his skepticism about essential oils came out when I asked him how he was and he said, "Ang galing nga eh, nawala na lang bigla?" 😅 Another time, I had some muscle pain in my lower back, rolled on some oil and the pain was gone after a few minutes. A friend, whose family has allergic rhinitis, tried some and it worked on them, too. Another friend who usually gets migraine, tried a blend she received from someone and in a few minutes, her migraine was gone and she didn't have to take her meds. Noah had