Happy Birthday, Pao!
Obviously, you're my favorite person in the world! It's about time I added you to my favorite persons list here in my blog. It took a while, and up to now there's so much to say but I can't find the words. I said it years ago and I'm saying it again, "I can be imperfect with you." Not that I am, but that I am safe and loved without any pressure to be the best or to always be right nor nice. No pretense, no performance, no reservations. I can simply be me. And I never even needed makeup. Unknown to many, you graduated college late. You worked to be able to finish college, and even when you were already earning and didn't need to, you still went back to school to finish your course, so that you can be a good example to your then future children. Our wedding was a testimony of your faith and God's provision. You waited on God for His timing, finished college first, and trusted Him for everything. Yours is the encouragement that works, the voice that matters. You encouraged me to brave my