Brei's 2nd Battle: Hemorrhage
In the same ultrasound report where we found out that the cyst was gone, our second battle began. Subchoreonic hemorrhage. Basically, there's blood accumulation near the placenta, which may cause the placenta to separate from the uterine wall (hence dangerous for the baby). The sonologist said that it's common, that the OB would normally prescribe medication ("pampakapit"), and that the hemorrhage should be gone by the following week. I contacted my OB and she prescribed medicine and asked me to have another ultrasound post medication. On July 19, we were hopeful that the hemorrhage would be gone but the ultrasound showed that the hemorrhage grew instead, by about 2.5 times from the last ultrasound. I was then advised by my OB to go on a 2-week bed rest then have another ultrasound after. I took the rest, and on August 4, I had another ultrasound. To our relief and great joy, the big hemorrhage was gone! There was another hemorrhage in a different location but it was very small and