Blessings Follow 3 W's
It's obviously been challenging writing content, even at two years postpartum. Between being a new mom and learning the ropes of a new job, having no helper and both Pao and I going to work, something's gotta give... and blogging's one of those (plus the upkeep of our house!!!). Anyway, I'm happy I found the time and energy tonight to write, because writing helps me learn, process, and not forget. After a few weekends of either Pao or Noah not feeling well and lots of family gatherings, it was so good to be back in our home in Makati and to hear again from our ninong-preacher, whose Sunday service we've attended for almost a decade (wow, how time flies!). Today was about Isaac (Genesis 26), and how his faith lived out in obedience to God. I'm now going through my notes and taking time to process this more. Word. God told Isaac not to go to Egypt but instead to go to a land He'll show him. There was famine at the time and I guess the most natural and practical thing to do was to go to