2018: A Year of Transitions
Since 2016 I have been trying to make it a habit to post my annual gratitude list on my birthday. I just read my 2016 and 2017 posts again as I write this, and it's interesting how long back those two years feel, and almost forgotten: 2016: Wow. Book published. Blog revamped. Baby on the way. Breakthrough (financial). Busting out fires in prayer. Read it here. 2017: It was a crazy year, indeed, and how can I forget I got held up at the Japan immigration?! 😱😱😱 Read it here. This year, I'd summarize it to no less than a year of transitions. It started with us flying back from another lovely December-January holidays in Japan. I moved from my team of eight years to a new role, with a new team, new environment, new nature of projects, new everything. Pao went back to work after what felt like forever staying home with Noah. Noah started going to "school." It was a year of stretching—of growth pains—and I am beyond grateful for the what got me through it all this year: 1. God's