Palate Journals: Food Articles - Mashad Haleem
Mashhad(This is the actual spelling of the place) is a popular city in Iran and the word in Arabic means “place of martyrdom”. Iran primarily has harees being served across during Ramadan and this Mashad available in Hyderabad also underwent the same transformation locally from harees to haleem as the normal Iranian haleem did. Addition of Garam Masala powder with cardamom,cinnamon,black pepper pods etc. supposedly imported from Iran & most importantly boiled & soft boneless chunks of mutton are added almost at the end of haleem making process so that it doesn’t get mashed up into the wheat. This depends on vendor to vendor to make it spicy or bland The addition of the above spices and the addition of ghee,cream along with fried onions, cashew-nuts,almonds,mint add a different flavor to it. What to expect: If you like mutton then you would love this variant of haleem, very less amount of bones with good chunks of mutton.Be careful not to bite on the cinnamon or cardamom pods, the ones from Iran (In case if they do import) are of strong flavor and might ruin your taste. Related