PACK Art -
PACK Promotional Art: PACK – Logo square PACK – Group shot at Tarmucks PACK – Group Selfie PACK – Wall Posters PACK – Curb Your Dog PACK – Headlines PACK – Report A Crime PK-Bk01-Pg01-09-Cover – Police board PK-Bk01-Pg09-16-Cover – Police Files PK-Bk01-Pg17-24-Cover – Old News PK-Bk02-Pg09-16-Cover – Funerary Invite PACK – Group Inkblot Check out this fun promotional art for PACK that we’ve been posting around the interwebz and such! PACK Comic Book Art: PK-Bk01-Cover PK-Bk01-Pg01 PK-Bk01-Pg02 PK-Bk01-Pg03 PK-Bk01-Pg04 PK-Bk01-Pg05 PK-Bk01-Pg08 PK-Bk01-Pg09-16-Cover PK-Bk01-Pg17-24-Cover PK-Bk01-Pg17-lttr PK-Bk01-Pg24-lttr PK-Bk02-Cover This is a small collection sampling some the actual production art of the PACK comic book. PACK Concept Art: Diligence – Colored Sketch Portrait Liberty – Colored Sketch Portrait Chastity – Colored Sketch Portrait Temperance – Colored Sketch Portrait Kindness – Colored Sketch Portrait Humility – Colored Sketch Portrait Patience – Colored Sketch Portrait James MacHaggert – Colored Sketch Portrait Vincent Marcello – Colored Sketch Portrait PACKstarter-Altogether Stand of virtue Red Patience Pouncing Patience Poised Alley Throne Leaping Patience PACK: #1 Humility -cover ink Cornered Pack Here’s some the developmental concept art from the pre-production design stages of the PACK comic book.