The Value of Project Management Work…and Poetry | Opus Advisors
The NH Poetry Out Loud program held its 11th State Championship last month in Representative's Hall at the NH State House. This historic and impressive venue served as a worthy setting for 12 students from around the state to compete for the title of State Champion and the opportunity to compete at the Poetry Out Loud National Finals coming up on Tuesday, May 3rd in Washington, D.C.. For those unfamiliar with Poetry Out Loud, it is a national recitation contest which asks students to memorize and recite poetry before a panel of judges who score students on their delivery. The program encourages students' public speaking, language, and literacy skills (in addition to an appreciation for poetry). This year in NH, over 40 public and private high schools and home school groups – totaling nearly 10,000 students! – participated in the program. In other words, nearly one in five NH high school students could recite a poem upon request. Impressive! Since joining Opus in 2013, my work has