Opus Presents – Building an Effective Planned Giving Program | Opus Advisors
Inside the mind of the bequest donor with Dr. Russell James What neuroimaging and experimental psychology tell us about charitable bequest decision-making and effective marketing. Opus Advisors, LLC was honored to host Dr. Russell James, on April 29 at the Abenaqui Country Club. Dr. James discussed results from his research at the Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute, which reveal insights into how donors engage in charitable bequest decision-making. These findings underscore the power that words have to both inspire and deter people from planning their legacy gifts. The phrase "planned giving" alone makes people think of their own impending demise, as an example. Instead, using such phrases as "in recognition of" or "in honor of", for example, are much more compelling words to use when discussing the possibility of planned gifts with prospects. Attendees learned from Dr. James' in-depth research of brain mapping, with a specific focus on ways to build a planned giving program that