Nonprofit Facility Assessments – Finding the Right Home | Opus Advisors
While the focus of nonprofit organizations is often on their programs, ensuring a secure location is equally important. The reality is that nonprofit organizations are vulnerable to displacement and can be impacted by real estate market conditions. This impact is particularly felt in metropolitan areas and in high cost of living areas. I recently partnered with a team from the Northern California Community Loan Fund to host a workshop designed for nonprofit organizations thinking about rent increases, lease expirations, or getting new office or program space. While the workshop was hosted in San Jose, California, the tools, strategies and lessons apply to all of us struggling with these issues across the country. This workshop offered a systematic approach to assessment and readiness for a move to a new space, answering questions like: "how do you assess what you need and what you can afford?" and "what does the entire process look like?" The assessment process starts with a candid