Cut Through the Noise – Engaging Your Audience | Opus Advisors
The strength and success of nonprofit arts organizations today relies on our ability to proactively engage with audiences and donors in meaningful ways. In a world of instant feedback, extensive relationship networks and an environment where prospective audiences have access to infinite information and abundant leisure-time options, we must develop strategies to engage with our constituents on their terms and in the spaces they prefer. Engage(dot)Next is an annual conference which explores engagement with diverse audiences on diverse platforms – fundamentally asking "how do we engage today and tomorrow's audiences and donors." As part of our work with San Jose, CA-based SVCreates, I coordinated and developed the curriculum for the 2016 Engage(dot)Next conference, which included over 130 participants – 3 keynote speakers, a dozen panelist, multiple break-out sessions, and a special round of "speed coaching." While attendees were primarily from the arts community in Santa Clara County,