The Universal Language of Wine:  Fullerton Wines | One Girl, One Glass, One World
"Great wine speaks profoundly, a universal language transcending any one culture." ~The Fullerton Family Have you ever heard of Fullerton Wines? If you haven't, they are a small producer of elegantly crafted Pinot Noir and Chardonny based out of Beaverton, OR. The story of Fullerton Wines goes back to 1969. When 14 year old Eric Fullerton was visiting his grandparents that summer, they pulled up to a home surrounded by steep slopes that had grape vines planted on them. Out of the house came an unknown (to him) woman. This woman, named Annie, spoke to his grandparents in broken Danish and was a German-Jew. Annie had attended the school that Eric's great-grandparents built in the town of Haslev, Denmark. When the German Gestapo took over during the chaos of World War II, Eric's family smuggled about fifteen Jewish refugees to a nearby church. During this time, Eric's mother started a community choir, which served as a front for bringing food and supplies to the refugees. Eventually