My Personal Playground: Oregon Wine Country | One Girl, One Glass, One World
During my incarceration, I was often asked, "What do you do for a living?" When I said I was a wine writer and educator, people often started picking my brain, or go "Oh, that's cool!" (see this post for my reply to people who say that) One of the gentlemen (yes, there are gentlemen in fact, I was surprised to see the chivalry that was there!) I met in there asked me one night, "So what do you think of Oregon's wine country? Specifically, what do you think of the Dundee area?" When he asked me that, I laughed and replied, "Oh, you mean my personal playground?" He got a sly smile on his face, and then I said, "I love it down there. I have spent a lot of time and money down there. I have also cultivated a lot of friendships down there due to my livelihood." And it's true. I have traversed the Willamette Valley numerous times. Especially Yamhill County, which includes the cities of Newberg, Dundee, McMinnville, Carlton, and Sheridan,