Puff Pastry and the Holidays – A Perfect Match | One Girl, One Glass, One World
Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm horrible. I have some great posts coming up soon, though...including the dreaded "What to drink with Thanksgiving dinner" post. However, this isn't about wine. Today, we're talking about my other favorite subject...FOOD! Specifically, the versatility of Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry !! If you aren't familiar with Puff Pastry, then let me introduce you to the flaky deliciousness! Puff Pastry Sheets Puff Pastry is often seen as something that's difficult to work with, due to it's delicate nature. However, it's NOT difficult at all to work with. Some tips for working with Puff Pastry inlcude: Thaw the pastry for about 30 minutes before working with it Lightly flour the work surface Roll the pastry out to the desired size If it gets too warm, or hard to manipulate, return it to the fridge to chill down Preheat your oven for 15-20 minutes before baking Puff Pastry One of my favorite things to do with Puff Pastry is to roll it out