New Omnitrans Board Chair and Vice Chair - Omnitrans News
Ontario Councilmember Alan Wapner takes the helm of the Omnitrans Board of Directors effective July 1, 2013. Rancho Cucamonga Mayor Pro Tem Sam Spagnolo was elected to Vice Chair at the June 5 Board meeting. Both will serve a two-year term. Wapner succeeds Board Chair Dick Riddell, a Yucaipa Councilmember. The 20-member Omnitrans Board consists of the County Board of Supervisors and elected officials representing the 15 cities Omnitrans serves. Wapner has served as an Omnitrans Board Member or Alternate since May 2000. He was appointed Chair of the Administrative and Finance Committee in July 2010. Wapner has been on the Ontario City Council for over 18 years. He is … Continue reading →