Set of 12 MARPLES Carving Tools
A good and little used set of 12 MARPLES carving tools.This comprehensive set includes straight and skew chisels, straight gouges in variety, veining gouges and vee gouge, as follows:1.) 1/8 inch No.6 sweep straight gouge2.) 1/4 inch No.2 sweep skew chisel3.) 1/2 inch No.1 sweep straight chisel4.) 1/4 inch No.14 sweep curved gouge5.) 1/4 inch No.39 v tool6.) 1/8 inch No.21 sweep spoon chisel7.) 1/16 inch No.11 veining tool8.) 5/16 inch No.7 sweep straight gouge9.) 3/8 inch No.6 sweep straight gouge10.) 1/2 inch No.5 sweep straight gouge11.) 1/2 inch No.8 sweep straight gouge12.) 5/8 inch No.5 sweep straight gougeMarked with the sweep number and MARPLES Shamrock trade mark on each blade.All have matching hardwood handles with brass ferrules and the 'MARPLES' trade mark.Some minor surface pitting spots.All appear sharp and ready.Between 9 inches and 97/8 inches overall length.Mounted on two green baize covered boards with hanging cords.GEO.O.JAMES LTD pencil included.