OGO Caduceus Caprice – 2008 Filly
OGO Caduceus Caprice 2008 Chestnut Filly (Caduceus Denver x RiverOak RiverDance) SOLD Val Cabiniss of Beautifully Balanced Morgans plans to breed Caprice to OGO Higuera Rio Bravo in 2012 OGO Caduceus Caprice (Caduceus Denver X RiverOak River Dance) 2008 Chestnut Filly Bred By Old Growth Oak Morgans Caduceus Denver, was a big, black stallion bred by Dr. Lowell Hughes, he sired at least 30 foals, with perhaps more due in 2008, he was foaled in 1983. He died in 2007. Denver had a great deal of charisma, and passed on that as well as his size and energy to his offspring. He was sired by Wyoming Flyhawk, another popular black stallion , who in turn was sired by Domino Joe. Denver's dam was Topside Sable. While the sire side of his pedigree is primarily a mix of Brunk breeding with emphasis on Flyhawk and Jubilee King lines, with a bit of Government through Plains King, and some crosses to Knox Morgan, Denver's dam side is more Knox Morgan on Jubilee King blood. Wyoming Flyhawk his sire,