Canyon of Quietude
This handsome, correct, beautiful moving, and sensible even-tempered stallion brings to today the legacy of J. C. Brunk and his breeding program. With six close crosses to Jubilee King, the traits from Jubilee King are strongly fixed and passed on for the future. Canyon of Quietude also carries on the breeding wisdom of Frances Bryant and Eve Oakley who continued on in Brunk's footsteps by continuing to meld the two families of the Daniel Lamberts and the Old Vermont Morgans. Brunk started with Daniel Lambert sires and bred them to selected Old Vermont High Percent mares. He then bred the original results carefully to one another and back to the original stock. Mrs. Bryant carried on this procedure with Jubilee King and his daughter Paragraph, and using some of the best of the Old Vermont stock of her time. Eve Oakley got her foundation horses from Mrs. Bryant and continued on with this proven breeding. The result of many generations of careful and knowledgeable breeding, Canyon of