Round 2 Sweatshirt by Professional Enthusiast By Of A Kind for Of a Kind
Look, anyone familiar with Of a Kind knows playing it cool isn’t exactly our strong suit. We firmly believe that if you discover, say, the world’s most life-changing travel app or three-ingredient salad dressing, you’ve got a duty to shout it from the rooftops, Professional Enthusiast-style. And what’s even better than wearing your heart on your sleeve? Wearing your heart embroidered in script on your heart, duh. Our short-sleeve, French terry addition to the #PEbyOfaKind family is here to do that—and to bring its super-softness to a Saturday morning bagel run, a Sunday pilates sesh, a Tuesday of to-do list tackling, and a wine-fueled Thursday night. Gah, so much to be enthused about.