The Healing Power of a Grateful Heart | NT Publishing Company
Years ago, during a difficult period of my life, I sat in a sweat lodge with a Native American Shaman and listened to his prayers and words of wisdom as sweat poured from me. Sweat Lodge is a sacred practice of cleansing and reconnection with spirit. The shaman began with a simple prayer, "Oh Great Spirit, I come to you with a grateful heart and a prayer for those I love." This simple prayer sets a tone of gratitude and respect for the power of giving. If we aren't careful, we sometimes find ourselves thinking too much about the things missing from our lives. If left unchecked, this pattern of thinking creates a culture of scarcity. The simple solution is to shift our thoughts to the many things we have to be grateful for. Focusing on these riches has the power to wipe away all thoughts of scarcity. Knowing our true measure of wealth makes it much easier to shift our thoughts to the needs of those we love. There is tremendous healing power in acts of service to those we