All the ways Mantic Games skirts around Games Workshop's intellectual property | - Cyberpunk news and reviews
Nottingham based wargame maker Mantic Games, famous for using Kickstarter for launching many of their games, is founded by Games Workshop's former Marketing Director Ronnie Renton. Given GW's litigious reputation it's no surprise Ronnie has trodden carefully around Games Workshop's famously guarded intellectual property. But it also shows how much pent up demand there must have been for plugging obvious gaps, because most of Mantic's own IPs are only just skirting the edges of the Warhammer universes and filling in the obvious holes rather than doing anything truly original, as if the business plan is 'We'll do anything GW have said they aren't going to do'. Games Workshop's primary universes are the Tolkien-inspired Warhammer, and it's far future spinoff Warhammer 40,000. Mantic on the other hand has their fantasy based Kings of War universe, and it's future equivalent, the Warpath universe. Both also dabble in third party licenses - GW's Lord of the Rings, Mantic's Mars Attacks and