Auto level for the Folger 2020 Prusa i3
I follow a number of FB groups and forums about 3D printing in general and the Folger 2020 i3 in particular and questions about auto level keep coming up. The 2020 i3 doesn't ship with autolevel, but when I ordered mine I thought auto level sounded like something I'd like and Folger sold an inductive sensor for just under $4 so I tossed one in with my order. Little did I know what I was about to get into. Let's see if I can make this a little easier for other people than it was for me! After the break I'll explain what autolevel is and how it works as well as share my experiences setting it up and using it. What is autolevel? Ok, so first off what's commonly called auto level isn't quite what it sounds like. It doesn't level the bed for you automatically. Instead what it does is measure how out of level your bed is and then mathematically model it so the printer can compensate by adjusting the z axis while printing so layers stay even even if the [...]