Wait, a new project already?
Yeah, I know. I haven't even finished blogging about the build of the 3D printer. I do want to add more about that, but it's proving very difficult to do more than 24 hours after I did it. I may be doing some re-wiring on it to clean things up soon and that will make it easier to remember the gotchas I ran into. The 3D printer has been working great for me - a few minor issues now and then but is overall really working better than I had expected. So the past week I've had it busy working on parts for my next project. I estimate I still have around 35 hours of printing (give or take 10 hours) before I can move onto the next stage of this project but here's the start of my attempt at building a CNC machine. The parts for this are printed with more perimeters and more infill than I've used before. A few minor issues have been exposed by this and it's throwing my completion time estimates all out of whack. These four are printed at 3 perimeters (I [...]