New Skill
Ok, I know I've promised a couple of people a weekend update. It's going to be a bit's really not worth the wait...but I don't have ANY photos to go with it. And since the whole point of the weekend was photography that just doesn't seem right. The chemicals are cooling right now so I can process the film I shot and Amy will hopefully give me her memory card tonight. So this is just a place holder post. The reason for the placeholder? I added a new skill to my resume just now. Camera repair! I recently bought a Bronica ETRS off ebay for $45. The camera is gorgeous, looks like it's been in it's original box it's whole life. But - something was wrong. I could remove the film back with the darkslide out...and the shutter wouldn't release. Not wanting to make it any worse but now having everything except a body I placed another order, this time to KEH, for a new body...and while I was at it a $10 "ugly" finder, a $10 "ugly" [...]