Busy weekend
It's been a weekend that could have easily supported a blog post a day. But I'm lazy and I really was hoping to get a new photo or two printed before posting...but other things happened and I still haven't made any new prints. So here's the updates instead! This one will be long with a lot of teaser photo for the front though. I guess I'll do this chronologically. As per my last post I ended up going back and buying another tarp at the "Bargain" warehouse for $20 more than the last one cost me. We then proceeded to try and get it up as quickly as possible Friday night in case the wind/rain came back. That was no fun at all. The other tarp went up easier than I had expected, this one fought us every step of the way and the extreme humidity made it just flat out miserable. I soaked two shirts with sweat fighting to get that thing up...and had to take a break partway through to buy more rope because the 100 feet we started with just [...]