Being right ain’t no fun sometimes.
Yeah, I admit I like being right. Most of the time. But sometimes I really wish I wasn't right about something. Like the prediction I made when we bought this house that "Those carport tarps won't last a year" despite the sellers assurance that "They have a 7 year warranty and are only a year or so old." Which of course means - it happened again. Read on for more details, more photos, and something completely different. So yeah, last night we had a bit of a storm blow through. 44MPH gusts I was told. we knew the tarp was going to need replacement soon, its color was fading quick. But I really thought it had one or two more storms in it still. Based on where it tore I'm guessing the two small holes were enough to seed it's destruction. The TV antenna had fallen a few weeks ago in a wind storm. I knew it was going to go since the wood is real soft on the side of the house there and the biggest screws I had didn't seem quite big enough to [...]