More time in the dark
Still no safelight so I get frustrated quickly when printing, but that should be rectified soon. Even so I scraped an hour or so out of my schedule to try and crank out another print or two last night. Results were not quite what I had hoped for: I loaded up the other exposure of the old canal, decided to try a vertical crop instead of the native square (in hopes of cropping out some of the falloff in the corners caused by the lubitel) and after a quick test strip did a test print. That's it above. As usual my scanner mangled it pretty good - one day I'll find a way to get that scanner to reproduce images accurately instead of trying to "correct" them. The good news is that as I suspected the exposure is MUCH better on this frame and the tones were very close to where I wanted them printed on #2. The bad news though far outweights that. The image is soft, my focus wasn't quite where I wanted it unlike the other slightly underexposed image. And [...]