New negs
Well, with the darkroom functional for printing - though annoying to use without a safelight - this weekend Amy and I decided to work on the other half of the image and expose some film. Read on for details! First stop of course was our new local camera shop "Backyard Photography" in downtown Yuma. We were glad to see they had a number of customers in the store when we showed up, and they were glad to see us having seen Amy's blog about them on the Sun's website. They apologized again for not having safelights in stock, they almost ordered for their initial stock - but held back at the last minute. It sounds like they're also going to get in some 120 film which I'm looking forward to. While I preferred Ilford films back when I last shot film - I never used the Ilford developers normally using T-max developer, since the local store is still working on getting setup with Kodak this was a good chance for me to try some Ilford developers so I picked up some [...]