My latest darkroom
Well the blog started with my first darkroom, this isn't a sign that the blog is ending...but I now have a darkroom again! Well, kind of. A new camera store opened up in town and we stopped in on Saturday to check it out. Turns out they have darkroom supplies, so I couldn't resist. We picked up some paper and chemicals and decided it would give us incentive to get a darkroom up and going! Read on for details about how we've pulled it off...kind of.... The first order of buisness was decided where to do it. We needed water and a room that could easily be made dark. Well, our laundry room almost fits the bill. It has water, but no counter space, and there was a BIG gap under the one door. But no windows. The room on the other side of the laundry room, our 3rd bedroom and future master suite, only has one window. It also has its own A/C unit which works better than the main house unit, and two desks. One of which was covered with boxes. So [...]