Weekend projects
So the plan was to finish painting the hallway this weekend. That didn't exactly happen. Then we noticed that the wood on the backyard kitchen is looking like it should get some kind of protectant on it sooner rather than later. So we decided to look into that as this weekends project. And we did buy some wood cleaner and a combined protectant/stain. But it's a little warm out for that and it may even that got pushed to the back burner. I also found one last bag of the grass seed I've been using in the backyard and another bag of starter fertalizer since things are starting to brown a little back there (I cut back my watering schedule a little prematurely it seems) but haven't got that down yet either. I did however get this up: I've been wanting to put a flag up since we moved in. There really isn't a place in our front yard for a tradional flagpole. And thanks to the carport I couldn't really mount one to the house. But I figured [...]