Lootin’ the corpse
So, less than a month between updates - maybe I'm getting better at this after my downward slide. Before I get to the reason for the title though a few "Off-topic" updates. I've been miserable sick the past week. Summer colds are bad enough in temperate weather...but when it's over 100 out and you've got sinus pressure, runny nose and an annoying cough - life is extra miserable. Thankfully after a weekend of cold meds and curling up on the couch with tissues I'm feeling much much better today. The solar lights mentioned in my last post have gone from bad to worse...only the two I repaired are now working. The others are in my office letting their batteries drain. Though about half of those seem like it may be bad batteries and not just overcharging. I'll give them a few more weeks of darkness before putting them back out. The backyard grass continues to grow and I continue to watch it. Still not quite grown in well enough for me to post [...]